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Tim & Julie with their boys, TJ (kneeling), Gabriel (center) and Simeon (right).

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New Life!

  “Because of the new life that Jesus has given us, we will: build relationships, transform our communities and change the world!”

  That’s the mission statement from our church, New Life Community Church, where we’ve been serving as a family here in Wellman, IA for the past nine years.It’s a great mission statement and we’ve decided we’d like to keep it as we begin the next phase of the journey with our family as missionaries in a town called Dangriga. 


“Go into all the world. Preach the good news to everyone.”  Mark 16:15 NIrV  



  I have had an intense interest in being a missionary ever since I was young. Part of the draw was the adventure of it all, living in a foreign place, eating strange food, washing in the river, seeing exotic animals, but what always seemed most incredible to me was introducing people to Jesus. The life and freedom that Jesus infuses into people is amazing.

  This passion for missions is one of the factors that drew me to Tim Groff when we first met. It’s a passion we share.



  The years I spent in Guatemala as a child were some of the best of my life. Nothing can compare with the adventures I experienced in the mountains, rivers and jungles there. My passion to serve the church began there as I watched, listened and learned from the K’ekchi leaders and from my parents.

  God’s call on my life to serve His church has grown deeper as Julie and I have journeyed together in our lives from place to place: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Mexico and Iowa – always focused on helping to build The Kingdom. 

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