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The Leaky Roof

Yes, our church roof is leaking. There's water damage on the ceiling and after any significant rain there are puddles inside.

But . . . after a one-year hiatus, the youth group is vibrant and active.

Someone broke the lock on the front door and stole our sound system this summer.

Regardless . . . after a pandemic year, our Sunday morning service attendance is more regular and active than ever before.

Local pandemic regulations limit our Sunday morning service attendance to 50% capacity.

But . . . I've never imagined needing to buy 100 chairs.

The church bathroom plumbing needs some serious attention.

But . . . the relationships on our leadership teams is getting closer is stronger than ever.

You want specifics? Ok. At youth group last month, a young lady who did not attend our church before the pandemic and never imagined herself speaking in front of people, led a Bible study introduction on the armor of God. Did I mention . . . that I never imagined we might need up to 100 chairs in our church! I'm enjoying playing just my guitar while another young leader has stepped up to lead the singing. Personal integrity challenges, instead of disrupting and tearing individuals apart, have drawn our leadership team closer. As we intentionally build a platform for the younger leaders to experience wholesome discipline and restoration: We have longer meetings, pray more, and are experiencing the pain of the purifying process. It doesn't get any better than this.

Do you know anyone who can fix a leaky roof?

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