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What Will We Do?

  One of the awesome things about working with a Mission board like EMM is that we will be provided with mentors who will help us plan and achieve specific goals. We will be meeting with them on a weekly and monthly basis, setting and meeting those goals.
  We understand that our expectations and goals will likely shift or refocus when we arrive in Belize and we will be ready for that to happen.


Job Description

  We have an open Job Descripton document that we are working on with EMM. They will help us focus and refine it as our departure time arrives and when we arrive in Belize and begin to interact with the church leaders and our neighbors there.
Here’s our Job Descripton overview:
  “The Groffs will live in Dangriga, Belize and learn to know the area and the culture of the Garifuna community. They will support the local outreach of the Dangriga Christian Fellowship, help envision and develop new ministries and mentor leaders. They will also learn to know the leaders of the broader Christian community in the Dangriga area to determine what supportive ministries are needed, including the possibility of a camping ministry in the area.”


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